AQ Workshop: Becoming a Local Leader

On July 6, over 50 Charlotte community members attended an engaging air quality advocacy workshop with special guest speaker Dr. Cheryl Walker-McGill, sponsored by the Clean Air Carolina and Catawba Riverkeeper Alliance. It was apparent most everyone walked away inspired by the powerful collaboration and moved to make healthy changes and community actions against the threat of dirty air.

Sometimes threats to our health and our communities come despite progress. As mentioned at the workshop, House Bill 765, is making its way through the North Carolina General Assembly right now. This bill, also known as the Regulatory Reform Act, will undo years of progress our state has made toward cleaner air and tighter pollution standards.

WalkerMcGillSpeaking3Dr. Walker-McGill stressed the importance of air quality monitors in measuring the negative effects of air pollution; HB 765 will not only cut 13 protective air quality monitors, but will axe idling rules for heavy-duty diesel trucks as well. We know that strong idling laws and more thorough air quality monitoring are effective in keeping us- and our children- safe from preventative respiratory and cardiac conditions linked to air pollution.

We need your help to ensure our state legislators keep air  and water quality standards in the best interest of North Carolina’s citizens. Take action and tell your legislators to oppose H765 and strike any provisions that threaten our air and water quality.

The Clean Air Carolina and Catawba Riverkeeper Alliance is thrilled to have the opportunity to work together with NC communities to help build local leaders throughout the state in order to protect our health and create a more sustainable future.

Special thanks to Dr. Cheryl Walker-McGill for an enlightening presentation as well as William Hughes, president of the Oaklawn Community Improvement Organization for hosting us. We look forward to connecting for more community events in the future.